Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shall We Dance?

While loading my car with groceries, I got a call from school. Seems there's a new student at Cal State who is interested in starting a Jewish club. Just like me. Hence, the office of Student Affairs called to see if they can release my information to this student so we can join forces.

Oh yes! It's my goal to bring Chabad to campus. It was truly bumming me out that CSULA is like the only So Cal campus without a Chabad rabbi. Dennis Prager, writing in a column a few weeks back, said to him, in this day and age of air travel, defining an area that is remote means there's no Chabad house there.

So technically, Cal State can be classified as remote. The good news is, this may not last long. After a brief conference on the phone and even briefer email, this student and I just might be able to bring a Chabad rabbi to CSULA in the very new future.

Time to dust off the dancing shoes!

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