Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Gift Of An Old Soul

In terms of schooling, besides the 6-week Spanish class, I've pretty much taken the summer off. So when I went to school today for an orientation, it was like deja vu all over again.

Despite the familiarity, I found myself feeling anxious yesterday, like I had just downed a tall Starbuck's coffee. I felt jittery, nervous, and couldn't focus. Just then, my dear friend and former study partner Priscilla, now in a dietetic internship upstate, called. Perhaps she could sense it from my voice, but she spent a good 5 minutes reassuring me that everything was fine and gonna be great.

But how did she know? I certainly didn't tell her how I felt. When she called today, I asked Maria about it, as we both share a propensity to be anxious of the unknown. And we both had to laugh. Pris is just like that, an old soul in a very young body. I think that's why we love her so.

Thanks Pris. Miss you tons. And you're right. Everything is gonna be great.

(The Girls: from left to right: Maria, Diana, Priscilla, Me, Angel and Sabina)

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  1. Nana, you just made me cry like a BABY!!!!! What you wrote here is just so beautiful, sincere and so true :) Sometime, I do feel like I am an old soul...I miss you all so much. Reading your blog makes me feel closer to you guys :) You have that special pen in your hand that always know how to describe and illustrate your adventures, and I always enjoy reading your little stories :)

    Thank you Nana! You rock! And remember, I will always be here for you. I am just a phone call away...and yes, you will be terrific in everything you do, and everything is gonna be great! :) love ya