Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Think I Get The Message

Religious Jews, for the most part, don't believe in the concept of coincidence. Things don't happen by chance because they are meant to happen. Well, here's one story.

I was reviewing my cell phone contacts list a few days ago and saw the name of someone who I don't like. Someone I worked with almost two years ago who made my life miserable. In short, a jerk, and certainly someone I've haven't thought about in a while. I said to myself, "self, get rid of that name."

But I didn't. So who should I see today in the street? You guessed it, the person who carries the name I told myself to erase.

Actually, he saw me first, and boy was I shocked to see him. He wished me a good year, asked me how things are going, and I wished him a good year and asked him how things were going. I quickly brought him up to date on me, but realized later I learned nothing about him. I say later, because I was literally freaked out about standing face to face with this person just days after thinking about him.

So what does it mean? No clue. Except maybe this was G-d's way of telling me I need to forgive him for how he treated me. Until the One Above sends me another message on the matter, I am keeping his name in my contacts list.

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