Friday, September 3, 2010

Teaching 12th Graders

Oh my gosh, what a morning. First off, I thought I was supposed to teach at 11 am, but learned it wasn't until 11:45 am. How did I find out?

I went into the class at 11 am and my students told me so. They told me I wasn't supposed to teach until 11:45 am. I thought they were pulling my leg. They weren't.

When my turn did come to teach them, oh my gosh, they would not shut up. Literally. After three successive Sundays of learning how to teach, I wasn't prepared for all that talking. What a pain.

But I did end up getting my point across. I think. The point is Physiology is Chassidus on another level. It is the visible G-dliness. They liked that. Then they went right back to talking.

I can only pray that Tuesday turns out better.

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