Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting Physical

I made plans today to have lunch with a friend. Solid plans, until I checked out what time the restaurant opened and realized it wouldn't work out.

So my husband said he would take me to lunch. But where to go? In my part of the hood (Los Angeles is basically split in half in terms of copious Jewish populations: east side or west side) there are not many restaurants and even less good ones. So I suggested frozen yogurt.

My husband suggested we bike it there, and we took a long, leisurely ride, working up an appetite. An ABC News van was parked across the street when we got there, we later learned, to report on all the vacant stores on Melrose Avenue, a trendy street around these parts. Guess if the news doesn't come to ABC, ABC makes up the news.

We then decided to ride about a mile to the mall to pick up some shirts for our son, and then all the way home. Wow, what a workout. Kinda made me want to eat lunch, again.

We spent the rest of the day together, driving from one store to another in a car. Then I took a long walk to pick up some chalk pastels for my daughter at Blick. Needless to say, I needed to hose off before bedtime.

School starts next week, so I'll be working out regularly (lol) at CSULA's state of the art gym in the hopes of trimming down and firming up. Hey, somebody's gotta put all the frozen yogurt to good use!

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