Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Best Kitty Ever

Today started out as a typical Shabbat - almost.  My husband and I forget to set the hot water urn before sundown Friday so Shabbat morning started out without the possibility of hot tea.  But we could survive that.  What is harder to survive is the death of our Kitty.

Less than one year ago we adopted a cat from the No Kill LA event held yearly.  Kitty was named Sultan when we took him home but that wasn't going to last.  We decided on the name"Kitty". Not very imaginative, but it worked.

He was a "outside" cat, meaning he liked to live life to the fullest.  All my prior cats were the indoor variety - so when Kitty made up his mind to live both outside and inside, well, it took some adjustment.  But it made him happier so we all went along with it.

All the neighbors knew him.  Kitty liked to follow people around, and he was friendly.  Whenever me or the kids went for a walk, Kitty went with us.  Once my dear friend Debbie and I walked to a Shabbat party a few streets away and Kitty came with us.  We stayed for an hour and when we left, walking home, Kitty jumped out of a bush where he was waiting for us and walked us home.

People would see Kitty and I on the street and stop to ask if he was my cat.  They would then tell about their adventures with him.  It's no exaggeration to say that he was loved by everyone.

So imagine my shock when I learned today, that while walking my children to shul, Kitty was chased into the street by a neighbor's dog and got hit by a car.  He died in front of my children, who brought his body home and then went to shul to join me.  They waited to tell me until it was time to go home.
We've had Kitty for less than a year, but he has had a tremendous impact on our lives.  We loved him, and we showed it.  Although he roamed the neighborhood, he came home to us.  Everyday.  Several times a day.

Rest in peace Kitty.  We will love you always.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Walking in LA

Well, I'm overweight (nee, obese) and I've can't take it anymore.  I do belong to a gym, just like my 300 millions fellow Americans.  But like 298 million of them, I can't find the time to get there.

So this morning I woke up to a beautiful day (that's right - 75 degree F) and decided to walk to the Farmer's Market, which is about 1.5 miles from my house.  I ate my blueberry waffle (that's a story for another post) and went for it.  Of course, I wasn't alone.  My husband promised to pick me up if it got tuckered out.

Twenty five minutes after I began I was there.  The place was jammed, so I had to suck in and dive between people to get my sprouts, which is all I came for.  I thought it would take forever, but 10 minutes later I was done (yes, I did want to buy those earrings, but what the heck - $14 for studs?  Not today!).  So I walked home.  The whole event took an hour.  And I feel great!!!!

Every Sunday I plan to go for a walk.  Every day I plan to make time for a walk.  Especially after eating.  Gotta lose weight, gotta get healthy.  Gotta take my own advice.  I'm not a Registered Dietitian for nothing!!!