Monday, September 13, 2010

Costco Revisited

Last time I went to Costco, it was my husband's shopping experience. This time, he offered, it would be my shopping experience.

Well, it's exciting to go to Costco every once in a while, but the bloom was off the rose, my friends, and I didn't get what I wanted - a bike lock. In fact, I didn't see anything I wanted buy.

For the first 10 minutes we were there we had only one item in the cart. I felt so self-conscience. I mean, really, this whole big store and only one item!

Due no doubt to that fact that we didn't walk all the aisles like we did last time, which is the most fun. My husband had his list, picked up his few things, tried to engage a few people in conversation, and that was it. I, on the other hand, got nothing for myself.

In and out in less than an hour. Irony is, the person behind us was checking out with one item. Silly me.

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