Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making Plan B Plan A

I found out, by accident yesterday, that the Metro bus system in this city does not allow people to bring their bikes on the subway between the peak hours of 6:30 - 8:30 am, which is exactly when I need to take my bike on the subway in order to get to school.

Oh well, Plan B. So today I took the bus from my home all the way downtown, and walked three blocks to my bus stop to catch the campus bus, which is right off the subway line. Only that bus stop got moved over the summer, which is why the bus I usually take to campus didn't stop when I attempted to flag it down.

So I crossed the street to the new bus stop, waited 5 minutes and caught the next bus going that way. Got to school about 5 minutes later than planned, which was 30 minutes before class, and spent a few more minutes debating whether I should walk up 10 flights of stairs or wait for the elevator.

I reached the conclusion that I should take the stairs since the elevator wasn't working. About half way up the elevator began to work, but in truth, all I could think of was catching my breath and what if I had my bike? I could never climb these stairs with a bike.

So I'll have to figure out a Plan B for that one too. Life likes to throw us curves. We just have to bend a little to make it all fit just right.

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