Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Devu

I'll admit - I tend not to think about throwing birthday parties for my kids. Frankly, I did it when I was younger and it was a lot of work then. But it's not my daughter's fault that she was the last one born to an older mom, so I took pity on her and said yes to a last minute birthday party.

Friends, I am a fool.

My daughter decided Thursday night to have a swim party at her grandmother's house Sunday afternoon. So against my better judgement (I hate when I do that) I said yes and used all the color toner in my in jet printer to make her invitations.

I called my husband Friday morning from the teacher's lounge at the high school where I teach (see an earlier post on why I was in the lounge and not teaching at 11:20 am) to express my fears and misgivings about the party. Those fears and misgivings can be summed up as: no money.

My husband assured me that he had a little bit of room on his credit card and that it was mine. How sweet.

So Sunday morning I raced off to the Rosh Chodesh Tehillim gathering in my neighborhood, ordered the cake on the way there (the joys of living in the 'hood!) left after saying my portion, got home, and proceeded to make rice crispy treats that would be rolled in into candy sushi.

The party was called for 1 pm, but at 12:20 my mother-in-law called to say that kids were arriving, so I loaded up the car with my daughter and her best-friend neighbor and off we went.

Oh my gosh. Seventeen screaming, *itchy 8 going on 9 year old girls who couldn't get enough of the swimming (my mother-in-law was relaxed while I spent every second counting heads: not 1, not 2, etc.). I asked the pizza man how much pizza for 17 screaming 8 going on 9-year old girls and he said three. Not enough. The cake was a hit also, and the gummy worms for the candy sushi must have been in stock since we left Egypt the first time. They were hard as a rock and hence, I couldn't cut the "sushi" rolls.

So I stepped back and let them take the items individually, which included rice crispy treats, gummy worms, and fruit roll ups (mock nori). By the looks of it you would think I hadn't already fed them. Out of curiosity I tried a gummy worm. Fearing for my fillings I spit it out. The girls, however, thought they were great.

The main thing is my daughter had a good time. Thank you G-d, for a girly girl. With five older brothers my greatest fear is that my daughter would be the 6th boy. Never gonna happen. And thank you G-d, for giving my a few hours with my feet up alongside the best mother-in-law a gal can have. We watched the last half of the movie "Juno" together, guessing at what it all meant, and relaxing after a long day in the sun.


  1. The candy sushi roll sounded like an awesome idea. I wish I had been at the party.

  2. It didn't work. It goes like this: you make rice crispie treats and lay it out flat in a rectangle. Then you put down a row of gummy worms and make the first roll, which you cut across and then into the actual bite-able rolls. You then take the fruit roll and put it around the bite-able roll like nori. But if you can't cut through the gummy worm, you can't make individual rolls. Hence, a nightmare.