Sunday, September 19, 2010

When You Want Something

I kept telling myself that I would ride my bike more if I had a lock. So when my husband and I went to Target the other day, we looked at the bike locks. They were expensive, and, my husband told me there's a chain at home that just needs a lock.

So I bought some locks - three cute mini-Master locks in three day-glow colors that come in one package with the same combination. I picked the one with the color that closely matches my bike (what else?) and tracked down the chain. But where to put it all?

My sons said I should put the bike lock in a backpack. But, hello, that requires always taking a backpack on a bike trip, which is not a certainty. Not two minutes after I said the heck with it and wrapped that puppy around the base of the bike seat then my other son asked to borrow it so he could lock his bike up at the library. My frustration level was starting to escalate.

My husband mentioned a little attachable bike pouch we'd seen at Target that would do the job, but those are expensive and I'm done buying accessories. Back around the seat base it went when my son returned, and I put my mind to other things.

This morning I jumped on a bike (mine had a flat), but not before removing the bike lock and putting it literally in my hand. I was going up the block to the 99-cent store to buy two things, but even though the trip was short, I wanted the security of having a bike when I came out.

Later, after I had purchased my seven items, I went to a nearby garage sale. What do you think they had for sale there? A used attachable bike pouch that goes under the seat for $1! It was all I could do to contain my glee and ride the rest of the way home thanking the One Above for my good fortune.

I also had the good fortune to have a husband who can figure out how that things attach to the bike seat. And now, my bike lock is secure, hopefully on a bike with inflated tires. Amen.

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