Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Was Melting

A Sukkot Update: for those of you who do not live in Los Angeles, the weather here went from kinda chilly, take a light sweater to that resembling what one would expect at the equator. We went from double to triple digit temperature in two days.

So when we went to friend's sukkah to eat lunch, and found ourselves literally roasting, I felt my mind start to melt. Our host read a few Sukkot stories, and when he was done, I started talking about microbes and wondering what could possibly be the Ebola vector. I mean, does that make sense? It is any wonder that no one shared my concern?

I know I say I can't live where the weather is cold, but maybe I can't live where the weather is hot either. Here's hoping I find where I belong. L'Chaim!

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