Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Time!

Okay, now I'm an Registered Dietitian.  I paid my fees, all set and ready to get my identity card signifying me as a member of the group.  It's summer and it's hot.  So what does this mean?

It means it's hard finding a job.  I've been trying for three days now, and no bites.  No "thank you but not thanks," no anything.  I will write once again to the Ohel (Rebbe), and visit my parents graves (this time I can stay longer because I don't fear getting a migraine from crying too hard) all in the hopes that they can help me out.

Maybe I'm getting nervous for no reason.  Maybe I need to just calm down and let the Yomin Tovim pass so I can start in earnest.  One of my dearest friends just passed the exam yesterday, and we will celebrate with lunch tomorrow.  Then it will two (times how many others) in the job market.

Deep breathe.  All will be well.

Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Over!

Last Friday, I took the Registered Dietitian exam and passed.  Just like that.  It sounds so easy now, but it wasn't.  Not for a minute.

First, I wrote to the Rebbe at the Ohel and asked for a bracha.  Then I visited my parents' grave sites and asked them to intercede as well.  The current month we are in, Elul, is known as a time during which "The King is in the field," meaning Hashem is walking among us, and can take our pleas personally.  Altogether, I saw this as a good sign.

But the test itself, well, that was hard.  The first few questions had me freaking out.  I was shaking and tried deep breathing to calm myself.  It worked.  I took every question slowly, reread it several times, and came up with what I thought was the right answer.  Yes, there were several I had no idea about, but guessed anyway.

I was surprised when I passed.  Truly.  Now, I am a RD.  Registered Dietitian.  Ready to work.  Watch out world, here I come!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trying To Remain Calm

I've decided to wait no longer and take the Registered Dietitian's exam this Friday.  In all, I'm happy about this, but have moments throughout the day when I'm in extreme panic mode.  I mean, how much can I memorize?

It's also about understanding interconnections between things, and reading very carefully what is asked of you.  I'm not a careful reader, and that's why I'm scared.  Maybe I will know the answer, but just not the answer they're looking for.

Hoping for revealed goodness and strength.  Hoping for revealed G-dliness.  I'm gonna need it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Just Too Funny

I love commercials - not the ones playing over and over again when I'm trying to watch my Bones reruns.  I mean the really creative, funny ones.  Especially when a good friend (and my best friend's husband) is in it.  In case you're wondering, he's the Hasidic Jew.  Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Out Of My Head

I got in into my head (after some convincing) that I should copy the entire review for the Registered Dietitian's Exam as a form of study.  Well, I just finished today, and frankly, it's a good thing the exam has no essay component because my fingers don't work anymore.

It was so painful to do this.  We're talking 150 pages here, put onto large index cards, and perhaps in the times of Jane Austin, when all people did was write, it doesn't seem impressive.  But it was a process that took weeks of my life, forcing me to forego most other endeavors.

Now all I have to do is review the cards and get ready to take the exam.  I've signed up for August 29.  Others who have passed told me that they just got sick of studying.  Well, I'm sick of studying right now, but certainly not ready.

Oh joy.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Becoming One

I'm becoming one dimensional, that is.  All this studying is turning me into a melancholy person.  I went to a family wedding last night, and all I could think about was whether it was wise to leave my flash cards in the car.  I mean, I didn't want to talk to anyone.

Or maybe I'm getting older and cranky.  I'm trying to keep my mouth shut, both against food and words, and  so far, only food is slipping in.

I have this policy that I never go to an event hungry.  I don't want to be preoccupied by wondering where's the food, or eating food that might make me sick because I'm too hungry to care.  So I ate A LOT yesterday before going to the party.  Once I got there, I was good, I didn't eat the hors d'oeurvres, but hello, chowed down on the jelly beans, fruit, main course and two cokes.

It's kinda weird that my daughter is the one throwing up this morning, and not me.  She was so overwhelmed by the pageantry that she barely ate a thing.  Vindicated!