Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thoughts On A Seige

I listen to NPR a lot not because I want to - but because it's the only station I get in my office.  Obviously, with the war raging in Eretz HaKodesh right now, there have been a fair amount of interviews and BBC reports.  But no one yet has dared to ask one simple question.

I can't understand how journalists can interview a Hamas spokesperson and not ask why there are no bomb shelters in Gaza. The technology exists, the will to dig holes or tunnels, exists.  I want to know why (well, I do know why), and I want to world to know why.

There are no bomb shelters in Gaza because the goal of Hamas isn't to protect its people, or stop the occupation.  The goal of Hamas is to get as many of its people killed as possible, because they know the world, like these journalists, want to blame Israel and wring whatever concessions they can out of them.  Like releasing more murderers.

Because the ultimate goal of Hamas is to destroy Israel, but they can't do it because that's not G-d's goal.  G-d's goal is that Israel not only survive, but prosper, while the enemies of Israel whither.  By their own choice the Palestinians have sealed their own fate.  Because in order for Israel to survive, her enemies cannot.

So don't be surprised if the number of dead Arabs in Gaza goes sky high.  That's Hamas' plan.  And if the people of Gaza go along with it, then that means it's their plan too.

If the Arabs bothered to learn Jewish history, they would know that the 600,000 Jews of the Yishuv in 1947 defending Israel's existence is the same number of Jews who fought for the land and won under Joshua ben Nun, 40 years after the end of Egyptian slavery 4000 years ago.  Which means that their attempts to destroy Israel then, just as now, were and are destined for failure.

Am Yisrael Chai. The people of Israel live now, and will always live, Boruch Hashem yom yom.


The Eyes Of Hashem. . .

I cried as I watched this, knowing how I feel personally about the war raging there now.  But the Rebbe is, and always will be, right.