Saturday, September 25, 2010

Huts with Food

The first three days of the holiday of Sukkot were actually, for me, a three-day long eating binge. There were only three reasons to stop: Prayer, use of the facilities and sleep. The only thing that slowed me down was getting up to get more food.

So today, when my Rabbi was giving his sermon and someone (okay, a man!) thoughtlessly started to sing as a signal for him to stop, the response brought down the house. "I know, everyone is tired," my Rabbi said. "I'm tired. And hungry. I'm sure most of us haven't had enough to eat."

Believe me - we weren't laughing at our Rabbi, we were laughing with him. And at ourselves. We are all truly blessed, with what to eat, where to sleep, and good friends to share our lives with. It's not easy doing all that in a Sukkah,*but somehow we come through it in one piece. Thank you Holy One, for everything. Again.

*Lubavitchers don't sleep in the Sukkah - yeah!!

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