Monday, September 27, 2010

Learning Something Useful

I stand by my claim that nothing happens by chance. G-d talks to us in different ways, and one of those ways is by showing us something we need to know.

Some people are very special, and G-d shows them specials things. Like the prophets, who saw amazing things and told those things to the rest of us.

In my case, it's not usually something amazing. Rather, it's usually something useful. For example, today I got on the subway with my bike and noticed that there was already a bike propped up next to the wall. So I put mine near it.

On closer examination, it was actually the way the other bike was propped up that made all the difference. I turned my front wheel to the right, like the other bike, and put down the kickstand. Although I was nervous at first, the bike held steady, meaning I could take a seat and relax. Just like the other bike's owner had.

I'm okay with G-d communicating useful information. Just the fact that He's communicating with me at all makes me feel like a special person too.

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