Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Workout Flunkout

I hate to admit another thing, but this exercise plan of mine is killing me. Two days a week at my school's state of the art gym on a state of the art elliptical is proving to be a challenge. At my age, walking is a big deal. But 30 minutes on that machine in a room full of 20 year old students all working out to quick tempo rock music is starting to get to me. And I don't mean the students or the music.

First of all, it wipes me out. A few years ago, I actually could do this for an hour. I'd read and the time would fly by. And there I was, thin.

Not today. The shower in the gym refused to get warm, so it was a quick one. I decided that I could sneak out of the stall and finish dressing by my locker, but realized my mistake too late. On the way there, I ran head first into a gigantic, full length mirror. I wanted to toss my cookies right then and there.

Bottom line: I need help. The kind of help you get from professionals. People who make you keep a food diary, count calories, make healthy food choices. The kind of people I'm currently studying to become.

I joke around that when I'm an registered dietitian, I'll be my first client. Truth is, I don't think I can wait that long. I need to be my own first client right now.

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