Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mazel Tov Matti

In my capacity as a proud parent, I announce to everyone that my son Matti (Mattisyahu), just 16 years old, has successfully passed the GED after three years of yeshiva. The yeshiva he went to offers students who pass the GED a high school diploma. I feel like my grandmother must have felt 70 years ago when her kids got theirs.

Actually, English was not her native language and back then, a high school diploma was really big news. It meant the difference between getting a hack job and something that could pay you some money.

Despite all the years that have passed, a high school diploma is a big deal. We have a high drop out rate here in Los Angeles, in part I think because we have such a high immigrant population and it's hard for parents to struggle and help their kids with homework in a language they can't understand. Which makes the efforts of my parents even more amazing.

Mazel Tov Matti! I'm proud of you. From strength to strength. May G-d bless you and the rest of us. Amen.

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