Tuesday, October 26, 2010

(Dis) Engaging The Day

Stress is where you find it. Sometimes I find stress in waking up in the morning. Like today.

My appointment date for choosing Winter quarter classes began this morning at 6 am. Yet, by 5:50 am, I was still laying in bed, trying not to engage the day. Then I heard my phone receive a text message, which meant my friend Vickie was urging me on, and I knew that was it. The hour of engagement had arrived.

So I struggled out of bed, grabbed my laptop, and booted up. By 6:10 am, I had everything that I wanted except for one class - the one class I had been waiting for all school year (2 months). The computer wouldn't let me sign up because my prereq, statistics, isn't complete. That meant I needed a permit from my department to proceed.

Oh please. It would probably be easier and faster to have elective brain surgery. I called my department at 8 am to get the ball rolling and by 11 am had my permit to add the class. See what I mean about elective brain surgery? If I had started at 6 am, I would have been in and out of recovery and home by 11 am.

The point of this rant? No point. Just musings on the concept that you can't fight city hall. You gotta blow it up. Sorry, just having a Berkeley-anarchy moment. Kinda refreshing.

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