Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Mornings With Yitzy

Every Thursday morning for the past two months, I've been driving my oldest son Yitzy to his college class. By the time I finish girls' carpool in the morning, I'm half way there, so I just go the extra 8 miles to Santa Monica College.

I must admit: I really like my kids. I mean, through no effort of mine, they turned out (and are turning out) okay. Like the kind of people I could spend time with. It warms my heart.

So every Thursday morning, I have 30-45 minutes of pure Yitzy, awake or asleep. Being the mother, I'm used to spending time with my kids in the car when they're sleeping. In fact, there was a time when I used to pray for it.

Sometimes I tell him stories about my day, or we listen to music, or he tells me things. Usually the latter only when I pry, or ask nicely. But the point is, I like Yitzy as a person, not just as my son. I feel that even if he were someone else's son, I would like him as well.

Thank you G-d, for the challenge of these children, and that despite my mistakes, I have what to be grateful for.

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