Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shopping For Sports Coats

My son Shlomo is tall and very thin - and in need of a sports coat. Like most kids his age (14), he has an affinity for H&M and wanted a coat to match the pants he got there a few months back.

Well, we found something, although the smallest size they had was still a little big. When we saw the price tag, we both choked. $130 - which seems like a lot then but the night was young.

Next we went to what turned out to be a British store where the sports coat, also too big, was double the price. The thoughtful saleswoman offered Nordstrom's Rack as the answer, so we quickly ran there. Um, let's just say prices were higher but you got pants too.

Last, we went into Men's Suits Outlet, a small store we saw from the street. An extremely buxomy saleswoman stepped forward to help, but when she saw my son's yarmulke, she tried pulling her shirt up to cover herself. No such luck.

But she was sweet and helpful, even though the only suit jacket she had for him didn't work out. All I could think about was with her outfit (mini skirt, open, tight fitting shirt, push-up bra, et al), she must be the highest salesperson on record.

And it didn't bother me. Use what you got. In her case, use what G-d gave you. Just wish we had found what we're looking for.

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