Monday, October 4, 2010

A Pain In His . . .

My husband is not much of a complainer, about himself that is. He's really a role model in the "suck it up" category. So when he complained of abdominal pains, my ears perked up.

He's been having back pains and said something about a pinched nerve in his right shoulder, but once again, never really complaining.

So last night, Sunday Bubbie pizza night, when my husband asked me to take him home, I thought it was kinda strange. But when he called an hour later and asked me to come home, well, now I got worried.

When I pulled up to the front door to let the kids out, there was my husband, Mr. Fear of Flying and Hospitals, ready to get into the car for a trip to Kaiser urgent care. It was there we got the confirmation: early appendicitis.

In terms of urgent needs, early appendicitis ranks real low on the surgical scale of immediate operations. Heads up to all CIA recruiters: if you are looking for people who don't talk, emergency room nurses should get top priority in hiring.

Three hours later, with my husband laying down moaning and me trying to get comfortable in a plastic chair, our fourth nurse came in with some serious drugs and casually mentioned that surgery would not be performed until the morning.

I had enough. My husband agreed that I should go home to the kids (who had better be sleeping by 12:30 am!) and tried to relax. By 2 am I had fallen asleep, realizing unhappily that I would have to get up at 6 am to get the kids to school and perform carpool duties.

So now I wait. Surgery began around 8ish am (once again, serious CIA material here) and I hope to get a call to come and fetch my fetching husband sometime this afternoon.

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