Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mazel Tov Mendel

This morning, my former 12-year son became my 13-year old son and you know what that means: Bar Mitzvah!

Yes, that's right. My Menachem Mendel became bar mitzvah this morning alongside his father and three other brothers (a fourth had a flight delay), and the congregation of a local synagoge. All told, about 15 men, one boy (younger brother Moshe), a little sister and mom.

Mendel said his bar mitzvah mymer, a tradition among Lubavitchers, while the rest of us feasted on bagels, cream cheese, lox and assorted salads, offering enough glucose to fuel our brains, our bodies and the city's DWP. The grand Bar Mitzvah kiddush is scheduled for Shabbat.

Thank you G-d, for allowing me to live to see such wonderful children. And thank you G-d, for the invention of elastic. Amen.

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