Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping With Leeba

My dear friend Leeba called me this past Friday morning to mention that she had a half-price coupon for her favorite thrift shop to be used this Sunday. Sweeter words were never heard. Count me in!

So this morning, bright and early, my daughter and I drove over to the San Fernando Valley, where she stayed and played with Leeba's daughter and Leeba and I went second-hand shopping.

In a dingy, dark storefront in Burbank, Leeba and I spent two hours going up one aisle and down the next, trying to remember our sons' pant sizes and checking for stains. An artist and fashion designer, Leeba held one blouse after another against me to size it right, declared the colors worked, and even made me try a few things on. And it was all worth it.

Items priced at $2.50 and $3.99 were now half off, and that went for items marked at $1.99 as well. What should have cost nearly $100 cost a mere $47, and when it was all over, with great effort, we carried our gently used treasures out to the car.

Thank G-d for thrift shops, thank G-d for a washer-dryer in the house, and thank G-d for Leeba.

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