Monday, November 8, 2010

Whose The Blind One?

I decided to ride my bike and take the bus everywhere I needed to go today. That meant to the eye doctor and then to the city of Commerce to take care of some business.

I got as far as downtown LA where I waited for the bus to take me to Commerce. There was another man waiting for the another bus at the same stop and we got to talking. I asked him what bus he was waiting for and he told me. It just seemed so natural to reply, "okay, I'll keep my eye out for it."

The minute that left my mouth I felt like an idiot. Because the man waiting for the bus right next to me was blind. White cane blind. I apologized right away, but the man, a truly good-natured soul, thought it was funny.

But even though he laughed it off I felt really bad for being so insensitive. So when his bus came, I not only shouted it out (don't ask), but led him to it. Kinda like redemption for the past deed.

I could excuse my behavior by saying I'm tired and wasn't thinking. But it's really all about being sensitive to other people and their situations. Bottom line: gotta keep working on myself.

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