Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday and Thank You!

Happy Birthday to my friend Moav. And many more. Also, thank you, America, for being you. As a country, you're not perfect, but pretty close.

In my stats class yesterday, my professor began by talking about the recent flare-up in Korea. She is Korean by birth, and very anxious about the situation there. She had planned on taking her children, both American born, to the country of her birth for the holidays. But not now.

Surprisingly, nearly all the students, most of which are under 20, knew about the conflict and were quite savvy about just who the culprits are. I was quite impressed, and pleasantly surprised.

I add this little bit because something a simple as North Korea really makes you appreciate America. Thank you G-d. America is a great idea. Obviously Yours, by concentrating like thinkers in the 13 colonies in the mid-1700s. Sometimes it's just that easy to connect the dots.

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