Monday, November 1, 2010

Am I Getting Paranoid?

Okay, so I mentioned before that G-d speaks to me and I get the message and usually change my ways or whatever. But there's another message coming at me and I can't figure it out at all.

For the past month I've been seeing pennies on the ground. Everywhere I look, there's a penny. On the sidewalk, in the street, near the stairs. You name the place, and chances are I'll find a penny there.

Now, I won't pick them up on principle. I hate all those Jews and a penny jokes, and they've scarred me for life. I had a reprieve a few years back, when a Catholic professor I worked for told me he always picks up coins on the ground. But lately, I get that icky feeling every time I see a penny laying there. In wait.

I was motivated to write this today because of the last straw: I was riding my bike and saw a brand new, shiny penny in the road, just crying out to me.

Okay, Holy One, I promise to pick up the next penny. I promise to work on my fears and disgust of the stereotypical Jew pinching pennies and pick them up. Please, give me strength I need to make it happen!

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