Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Office

I got to school early this morning, put my bike away in its locker, and headed for my office on the third floor of the library. When I got to the library's entrance 5 minutes before it opened, I told the guard on duty that I needed to go to my office upstairs.

Without a flicker of a smile, the guard informed me that I didn't have an office, I had a cubicle.

Excuse me, I thought to myself, but the walls of my office extend nearly to the ceiling, and the DOOR locks, leaving my completely enclosed, with no one else in sight.

I smiled and I told her it was my office. "Cubicle," she responded. I leaned in real close. "I like to call it my office," I told her. "It makes me feel big."

I then turned on my heels and headed upstairs. To my office.

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