Friday, November 19, 2010

Bring On The Snaps

On my way home last night, walking with two classmates, I got nostalgic for the old days. The days when there were only 8 channels and you watched the corniest commercials ever. Like the one I was pining away for last night.

It all began when my dear friend Moav stopped suddenly on our way to the parking lot because she couldn't remember where she put her wallet. So she set down her big purse/bag and starting rustling through it until, thank G-d, she found it.

Like a therapy session gone wild, we three started trading true confessions about how our purses were inadequate and how we can never find anything in them. Then it happened. The pining away, that is.

Thirty-odd years ago, there was a commercial for this vinyl purse where everything you owned could be snapped in. As a young thing, the very thought of snapping anything other than clothing seemed gross, so I prayed that I would never get old and need such a purse.

Some prayers don't get answered. That prayer was one of them. I am old and I need that purse. I need to snap in all my belongings, and I need it now. Complete with embroidered initials on the outside. Bring it on!

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