Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Grouchy

When I plan out my day, I budget my time accordingly. So when change happens, I get put out. Pissed off. Grouchy. It's my bad, but my reality too.

Such is today. I planned to work with someone on a project this morning, and cleared the deck, so to speak. But something happened and this someone else can't make it until this evening. A normal person would smile and say, "oh well, I'm still alive!"

I'm not exactly normal. So right now, I'm Nana the Grouch. And I happen to be wearing green. Not a coincidence, I'm sure.

I also get a little grouchy when I finish a good book, which I did in the wee hours of the morning. Shabbos is my day off from the secular, but not motzei Shabbos, so I finished up Kathy Riech's latest, Spider Bones. Loved it, as usual.

So perhaps I should change the color of my clothes and start my day over. And keep telling myself, "it's okay. It's all good."

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