Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

I allowed my son to convince me to wake up at 4 am Friday morning to take him, and three friends, shopping at the local mall. Am I stupid or what?

Black Friday doesn't mean anything to me. I don't covet much of anything I don't already own (okay, a brand new car). But shopping at that hour seems silly.

But you wouldn't have known my feelings when H & M finally opened. We waited in line, and I surveyed the crowd. Then I motioned my son over. At 15 years of age, he's bone skinny, but absolutely adorable.

H & M doesn't stock many pairs of pants in his size, so I told him to move fast. There were more than a handful of bone skinny guys in the crowd, not to mention there were a lot of guys waiting for a clothing store to open. What's up with that?

Guess guys also care about what they wear, and how much they pay for it. Cool. When it was all over (read: I wanted to go home) we got three coats, two pairs of pants, two sweaters, and a shirt for less than $120. Not bad, actually. Too bad it was only 6:45 am.

I then dropped the boys off at another mall, and reminded them they only had about an hour to go before school started. Then I went back home to prepare to teach my physiology class.

If getting up at 4 am wasn't bad enough, teaching my 12th graders turned out even worse. The question remains: What does G-d really want?

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