Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lunching With Loshen Hara*

There's a kosher dairy restaurant just across the street from the school where I teach physiology to 12 grade girls. Last week, I enjoyed their Thursday lunch special of "your choice" fettuccini. Today, I couldn't get there fast enough to try their Tuesday lunch special: personal pizza.

Well, I should have waited. Because the pizza wasn't nearly as delicious as the pasta, and like the Model T, which came in one color, in this case, a choice of cheese only. Ugh.

The restaurant was small, so that meant that I could hear the "older" neighbors across the way, who did nothing but complain about their ill parents, and go on about all the other relatives with horrible problems.

It was a double disappointment - the taste of the pizza and the taste of bad speech. But, like I always say, there's a message here. Let's hope I watch my words as well.

*loshen hara: bad or evil speech. Some have interpreted this more stringently, as any talk, good or bad, about another.

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