Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Best Buy

Went to Staples this morning, early. Kinda a dry run for Black Friday, which part of me hopes never to engage in and part of me can't wait for.

I bought a laminating machine, something I've always wanted but just never could find at the right price. Well, bingo baby. I bought a $99.99 laminating machine for $29.99 this morning. My world is about to become encased in plastic.

I've gotten it into my head to create a 3x5 note card notebook with all the information I need to be a practicing registered dietitian. For that to happen, and the note cards to survive, they would need to be laminated. Considering the going rate for such services is about $4 for 6 cards (granted, that's front and back, so 12 images), I think this puppy may pay for itself in the long run. Especially since I can think of lots of things to laminate.

Watch out kids. Mother's mind is a working! Look out free world, my brain's a buzzing. The possibilities are endless.

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