Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Hate To Wait

People in cold climates, ignore my rant. Because it is so hot here, it's made the record books.

Seriously, 97-degree Fahrenheit is not normal for the 3rd of November. Sure, the big joke is we can spend Hanukkah on the beach, but this is sick. Everyone is miserable. There's no avoiding the searing sun unless you stay inside. ALL DAY.

My friend Vickie and I decided to get some free help from the research department here at Cal State. We waited a half hour before giving up. There was no sign up sheet, no indication that help was forthcoming any time soon. I just lost my patience.

After we retired back to my cubicle/office, Vickie, wilting quickly, looked and me and said, "at least it was air conditioned."

Yes, thank G-d is was air conditioned. Any wonder why my brain was fried today?

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