Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is Grandma!

Just a few days ago, I posted some photos given to me by a cousin of my grandfather and grandmother. But I knew the woman wasn't my grandmother - and until I found the photos, I could not compare them. Well here she is: Rebecca (Alpert) Strausberg, formerly of Kroylina, Bessarabia. I will say that fashion was not particularly kind to women in the 1920-30s, and that includes hairstyles.

I did know my grandmother for nearly the first decade of my life. She passed away in 1967 and lies in a lonely grave not far from my parents and older sister. As she spent the last 30 years of her life, she is without her husband, my grandfather, who died in 1938 when he was barely 40 years old.

Those who knew my grandmother said she was beautiful. As I look at these photos, she does look beautiful. However, the untimely death of her firstborn at age 7, and the death by his own hand of her husband took its toll on her. But here, she's appears young, happy and open to life's adventures. What happened to change all that is a story untold, as the cast is long gone and those who remain don't know the script.

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