Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Comforting A Mourner

There's a woman in my community who recently lost her father. I'm not very close to this person, but I respect and admire her, and felt the need to sit with her during the "shiva" or seven day mourning period and hear what she had to say.

Having lost both my parents, I know how important it is to share their lives with people who never knew them. Every time I talk about my mother or father, it brings them closer to me.

This woman and I, our lives couldn't be more different. Or so I thought. Yet, the more I asked about her father, the more I heard about my own father. Is it possible that generations of people are the same - with similar moral codes, work ethics and belief systems? There were definitely differences, but also surprising similarities.

What I learned today is, just when you think you know something, be prepared for a revelation. Thank you Creator, for making it all open to interpretation. Thank you for giving me a few minutes with my Dad today, too.

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