Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lunch With Leeba

Between all the kids, school, work and the desire for sleep, it's hard to cultivate a friendship. Sure, you can spend 1600 minutes a month talking on the cell phone, but then you run the risk of divorce court. So every once in a while, to keep the friendship alive, you have to go one on one; get face to face; spend quality time together. Even if that quality time is one hour and 45 minutes.

So today I had a date with my best friend Leeba. We ordered the lunch specials at Le Sushi* restaurant - sesame chicken for her, teriyaki chicken for me. And yes, we did share our meals. But more than that, we shared laughter, secrets, funny stories and all the things women do together when they're called girls. Leeba and I had a great time. It healed a lousy morning and made for a great afternoon.

A clothing designer by profession, the new year looks full for Leeba. As for me, school starts in a few days and it's a solid wall of studying for the next 10 weeks. But week 11, well, I'm already planning my next hot date with my favorite gal.

*Located in the San Fernando Valley. Check this space for a video food review in the next few months.

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