Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jury Duty

As a full time student, I was allowed to change my jury duty service to a time best suited to my schedule. How accomodating, I thought, and did just that. I chose this week. But something happened - I got sick. The nausea kind a sick where you don't want to know there's a world around you, much less participate in it. So I forgot to call in one night to find out if I had to serve the next day (yeah, all kinds of court cases on December 23), and now the process starts all over again. Because when you forget to call in, there in no forgiveness built into the system. You must reassign your jury duty. BTW, this is the third time I've been called in 6 years. There are 10 million people in the city of Los Angeles, and I can't help but believe that only a fraction of that number vote. So instead of 12 angry men, you've got on angry woman here. Still trying to figure out how G-d plays into this one. Probably won't know until mid-June, when this process begins again. Oh joy.

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