Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Parking My Car

As any victim of alternate street cleaning days will attest, street parking can be a nightmare. Your choices are: leave the house for half the day; find a parking spot the night before and don't use your car for half the day; find safe parking close to public transport so you can take the bus back and forth to your car; rely on G-d to find you a space.

Okay, the last option is kinda weird and sometimes doesn't work, but when it does, you can feel the G-dliness. You are certain that the only way you got that spot (besides putting your car in crawl mode as you case up and down the block) is because G-d wanted you to have it. That makes you feel so special.

Obviously, that happened to me today. For the first two hours, I parked some distance from the house. But after two hours, the car had to be moved, and still no spots where available. So I drove around and around and finally ended up on my street, right behind a young man walking to his car. Right in front of my house. And I knew then and there that G-d was with me.

Here's to feeling that way 24/7!

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