Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Strausberg Stories

The photo to the right was given to me by a cousin, showing my grandfather, Abraham Strausberg, posed, she says, with my grandmother, Beckie. I knew my grandmother, but she never looked like this. I never knew my grandfather, and wish I had. They were both immigrants from the old country, in this case, Bessarabia, Romania. My grandfather came to New York in 1913 and naturalized in 1928. My grandmother naturalized in the 1950s, but I'm not sure exactly when she arrived.

On the left is another photo of my grandfather (left) and his brother Louie, obviously dressed up to celebrate a happy occasion. It's not like pictures where just snapped on the spur of the moment then. These were obviously staged, as the background and pedestal are the same, but judging by the appearance of my grandfather, they appear to be taken some time apart. I know the chances are very slim, but if anyone knows anything about these people, please let me know.

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