Friday, December 25, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

I have a dear friend who loves parent teacher conferences. She holds the teachers overtime to hear them wax poetic about her child's deeds. Me, I hate them. Parent teacher conferences are a pox on my life, and I try to weasel out of them every time I get the call to set them up. It stems from the time I had five boys in one school and made appointments with the wrong teachers. (In all fairness, the teachers were brothers, and hence, had the same last name!) Then there's also the part about the unknown - just when I thought everything was alright, I hear they're all wrong. Add to that the part about the school doing all they can and how it's up to the parents and I'm really to spontaneously combust. My children know how I feel about an education. I've taken years out of and off my life pursuing an Master's degree in Nutrition - a science, although I have no head for anything math or scientific. Hence I choose to be spared the 10 minutes I get per teacher (often 10-15 minutes late) and would rather spend that time working on and with my children to succeed.

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