Monday, December 28, 2009

Making Kindness Matter

It wasn't my idea, it was Moav's. She wanted to do something to help people. So she asked a group of CSULA students by email to join her. "Let's get together and hand out food on skid row," she said. Okay, a few of us said back. So today, armed with 100 sandwiches handmade by Moav, Penny's tangerines, re gifted chocolate and Uzi's watchful eye, we drove around until we came upon a group of people standing still around the Midnight Mission and a parking spot, in that order. What we thought would take 2 hours took 20 minutes.

People seemed to know why we came. We didn't even have to say
a word. They asked us for the food before we made it known we had it. It happened so fast I didn't even get any photos. But the feeling was electric. I went along for the ride, but when the ride was over, I was ready to organize the next run. We four huddled afterwards to critique we just happened and decide how, not if, to move forward.

There's nothing like the high you get from making other people happy. Thank you Moav, Uzi and Penny. Thanks for letting me tag along. Next time, I plan to to drive.

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