Sunday, January 3, 2010

When Women Meet. . .

There was a little over a minyan* of us; women who came together to say the entire book of Tehillin (Psalms) on a seasonably warm Sunday morning in Los Angeles. Yes, the weather was amazing, but even more amazing is that in half an hour, all 150 chapters of Tehillim were said, a D'var Torah shared, and each of us gave tzeddakah.

When women meet to serve the Holy One, the power is tangible - you can feel it and even taste it. It was the taste of geulah, of freedom, like the tart but sweet tangerine I enjoyed afterwards. And it felt great. Because it made the mundane tasks of shopping, carpool and cleaning that came later in the day seem so special. When women meet, the world can change. Amen.

*Minyan is equal to the number 10 and often refers to men, as 10 men are required to bring down the Holy Presence for prayer. I use the word here soley as a counting device, as no such requirement is made for women. As Co-Creators with the Holy One, Jewish women are inbued with the Divine Presence individually.

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