Monday, January 4, 2010

Being Forced to Think

I have some decisions to make and I went seeking advice. The person I chose to give that advice didn't really give any, or so I thought at the time. I even had the chutzpah to tell this person, "gee, I wish I could talk to someone who could say, hey, do this, don't do that." It was just a little unnerving that this person looked at me, and rattled off a list of possible candidates, when the one person I really wanted to hear from was sitting right in front of me.

Well, thank G-d this person is smarter than me. Because instead of fulfilling a role I had designed, she filled the role designed for her. That role is providing the tools needed to help people like me think for ourselves.

No small feat, when the decisions could affect the course of a professional life. But if I don't start making those decisions now, I've never figure things out.
Thank you G-d, for providing the right person at the right time. And thank you again, for giving me enough working brain matter to realize it.

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