Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Other People's Children

I volunteer each week at a shelter teaching children about nutrition. Every week I wait until the last minute to decide what to teach and every week I show up 15 minutes late. That leaves 45 minutes of class time, which means hurrying to get everything done. Every week I say I'm going to change my habits and so far nothing has come of it.

Which is strange, considering I've adapted to every other scenario I'm thrown into, from 8 am classes to volunteering in food kitchens. Could it be about other people children? I really love these kids. They're great and appreciative and get so excited when I finally do show up.

Tonight, my daughter asked me to read her a bedtime story. I usually turn her down because I want her to get into the habit of reading to herself. But this time, I jumped at the chance to lay down with her and read to her. Because tonight, for the first time, I felt guilty slighting all my children, the ones under my own roof and the ones under a roof not their own. I pray the Holy One gives me the strength to grow and change, giving all my children the love and care they deserve.