Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Carpool Redemption Now!

When I got the news today that all my children are off school for the next week, I was so thrilled. The thought of three screaming, whining, fighting kids in my house for five days straight sounded so wonderful that I glowed. Why? Because it means I don't do carpool.

Car pool: (verb) (1) the act of dropping everything you're doing and getting behind the wheel of your car to line up behind other cars also waiting to take children home. (2) the bane of my existence.

Frankly, I'd like to get my hands on some of that taxpayer supported (that's me) public school transportation monies to hire buses to haul our kids so I can reclaim my life. I'm not being selfish - everyone I know who does what I do feels that way. Just tonight, when I dropped the last kids off at their house, their mother, a sweet, good-natured soul, came running to the gate and yelled, "Hey Nana - no carpool!" We pumped our fists in triumph, as I yahoo-ed the rest of the way home.

I finally get why so many cars at carpool have the Moshiach Now!* bumper stickers. I'm getting one for my car too. Maybe, just maybe, one less carpool and we'll all be free.

*Moshiach Now! means literally Messiah Now, or world peace.

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