Thursday, January 14, 2010

When Clarity Comes. . .

I had been meaning to speak to a friend of mine all day, but it's amazing how a classroom can keep you apart. There were 8 rows between us, but it might as well have been the Pacific Ocean. So right before our third and final class of the day (in the same room!), I looked up to see her smiling face and blurted out, "I need to ask you a question." Her smile vanished.

I didn't realize how threatening I sounded. "Am I in trouble?" she asked. I laughed, she laughed. "No," I told her. "I just need you to clarify something for me."

I'll admit, sometimes I can actually figure things out myself. Either the answer will come to me right away or I'll have to slug it out in my mind. Then there are times when I can't get a handle on something, and that's what friends are for. They give you advice, which helps you make decisions, or they just straight up give you the answer you're looking for. Today, V, as I'll refer to her, did both. I knew she would, that's why I was so anxious to speak to her. I knew that she knew. And now I know. Thank you V, for making clarity possible. And thank you, Hashem for giving me V.

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