Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Sitcom Moment

My friend Debbie called me tonight to talk about tomorrow's plans. I told I was currently driving with my three sons. We laughed. She asked me if I ever watched the show. Of course, I said. But I could never relate to it. The show could never really hold my interest like Dennis the Menace or Leave It To Beaver.

But looking around the car, I could definitely relate to my three sons. Shlomo, who at 14 is the eldest at home, needs gloves, and so Mendel, 12, Moshe, 10 and I were all off to the sporting goods store to find a pair. That didn't work out, so next we went to the department store. If someone asked me to describe it, I'd say, "nothing special really, we just went shopping." But it was something special. We were spending time together, talking together, standing together, walking together. No rush, no pressure. Gosh it was wonderful. Thank you, Holy One, for giving me these moments and allowing me to recognize them for what they are. Meaningful, bonding adventures. May the Creator, in His wisdom, keep 'em coming!!

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