Monday, January 30, 2012

Lights Out, Eyes Open

Talk about weird.  It was just recently the yarzheits of my parents (they passed away almost exactly a year apart) and I decided it was only right to visit their graves.  They're physically much closer now to me than when they were alive - just 20 minutes away verses a hour by car.

The bad thing is, every time I visit them, I cry like crazy.  Boxes of tissues crazy.  Not surprisingly, all that emotion gives me a migraine.

Which means my day is over.  It's like all the electrical circuits in my brain fry out and I'm left only with the ability to lay down and close my eyes.  In a very strange way, it makes me feel calmer than ever.  I think it's because I'm grateful for what I can do (move my fingers) instead of what I should be doing.

Granted, we all need a little down time sometimes, but this is ridiculous.

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