Monday, January 23, 2012

A Full Day

It's raining in the Southland (aka, Los Angeles), and once again, the freeway has morphed into a parking lot.  So when I set out for class this morning, after making a quick detour to a friend's house and freaking out when my van's engine stalled, it was with much trepidation that I entered the 101 freeway going south.  Since I could see no movement, I wasn't sure how I would merge in.

I was also driving our family van, which is 16 years old, older, in fact, than half of my children.  The transmission has been doing this kinda funny thing where it jumps out of gear, like, suddenly.  So with the bumper to bumper traffic and the tranny swift, I was practically in tears on my way to school.

I made it in time for class, which was a miracle.  The guest speaker was a bit of a blow-hard, so impressed with her own accomplishments that she sounded like her own best friend, which she probably is.  Afterwards, my dear friend and I filed for graduation, hoping to write and finish my thesis and have it accepted by June, 2012.

Next up, my registered dietitian exam study group got together to, um, study, and somehow ended up talking about epidurals and inducing labor.  We all promised to stay more focused next week.

Fear, mixed with even more fear was the ruling emotion on the drive to perform carpool duties.  Made it to the girls' school, so I guess my van's number is not quite up yet (may it live to 120!).  Got home, sat down to spicy meat stew and freshly baked bread, and started to organize my day tomorrow.  My preceptor called to invite me to a meeting, but unfortunately, my day is booked.

Not sure how I could have added more to this day, other than to say, G-d was with me every minute of my stay in that van.  Yes, I cried.  Yes, I refused to listen to music for fear of missing the absence of engine noise.  But that van made me proud.

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