Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Being Back In The Swing of Things

I'm not exactly a control freak, but I do like to know how things turn out in advance, which is why I read the end of books.  The other day my friend started to tell me about a new movie she saw and stopped short of giving me details.  I looked at her and told her not to worry - I'll watch it knowing exactly what happens anyway.

So I took the time yesterday to case my new internship site in order to know where I'm going tomorrow.  That meant getting the bus schedule, taking the bus, walking from the stop to the site and back again.  Felt good.

Friday morning I need to take a test at Los Angeles Trade Tech, a vocational college which happens to the the site of the test-giver.  I stopped by there as well to see where the room is I need to be in by 8:45 am in the morning.  That felt good too.

Now here I am, back on CSULA campus, in my little cubicle, relaxing.  I need to go find some articles I requested from inter library loan but was refused because they are on-site.  Got my change ready, finished my Starbucks coffee, and just about ready for action.

I know I can't control the world, but it's good to control what I can.  The rest is in G-d's capable hands.


  1. Silly Nana, don't you know that things are never according to plan? That's what keeps life more hectic and more interesting.

  2. I control what I can, like getting to the site on time (in terms of being out there for the bus). No I can't control the fact that I told my preceptor I can't work on Friday and she's scheduled me for Friday (grinding teeth). It's all good.